Construction and repairs

In the area of tramway railway infrastructure and auxiliary facilities

  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of main lines and railway stations, factory railway sidings, roads, sidewalks, storage yards, fuel depots and facilities related to railway infrastructure
  • Maintenance of railway sidings
  • Main and current repairs as well as maintenance of tracks, turnouts and railway and tram crossings
  • Removal of mining damage in railway tracks
Designing and consulting

Design work from the railway industry

  • Development of construction projects, executive designs, temporary journeys, expert reports and technical documentation in the field of railway infrastructure.
  • Development of the status of the railway network, safety certificate, regulations and instructions for railway sidings.
  • The development of crossing-over records along with the measurements of visibility triangles and movement product.
  • Preparation of investor, offer, executive and as-built cost estimates.
Rental of high-performance track machines

Gravel cleaner, track tamping machine, wagon assemblies

Comprehensive regeneration of railway turnouts

Sale of remanufactured turnouts and turnout parts

  • Comprehensive regeneration of railway turnouts with an innovative stand method characterized by high quality of workmanship and nominal geometry.
  • We have the first certificate of admission to operation of the type of buildings for railway crossing Rz49E1 (S49) -190-1: 9 regenerated in Poland.
  • We regenerate turnout type: Rz 49E1-190-1: 9, Rz 49 49E1-300-1: 9, Rz 49E1-150-1: 7, Rkpd 49E1-150-1: 7, Rkpd 49E1-190-1: 9
Installation of insulated connectors

and Soother Thermos Welding (Specialist welding services)

  • Installation of S-type insulated connectors with 49-dia 6E1, 60E1 splinters
  • Thermosetting SoWoS, SoWoS-P, SoWoS-P R350, SoWoS-P L70
  • Welding of rails and turnout elements